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Woodlands Address: 309 Sawdust Rd

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Not only are we family owned and operated but we also manage our business under morals. We understand the choices that come with buying or selling gold, silver or jewelry and we aim to go to great lengths to be your go-to metal dealer.

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Always experience high pay-outs for your gold and silver transactions with us. Low-overhead, variety of services and high volume are elements that allow us to provide the rates we do.


In addition, every transaction is conducted with honesty, integrity and transparency as we 'live the golden rule.' Stop by today to view our large selection of investment gold and silver, along with numismatics.

Why you should buy and sell from us

• We sell high quality, easily tradable / recognizable coins and

  bullion for a fair price

• We have brick and mortar stores with real people who are

  there to help you make the right decision for you

• We can order just about anything you might want

• We offer consistently high pay-outs for scrap merchandise and

  very competitive prices for coins and bullion

• We provide "no pressure" service and educate our potential

  customers so that they can make the decision that best for them

• We are honest and informative

Take advantage of our 2 convenient locations that are located around North Houston.


Our great values are found in every aspect of our business and we aim to do more than just simply make money.

Why wouldn't you want to work with our expert staff?