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Although a lot of people don't think so, scrap gold and jewelry are actually worth a lot of money. Instead of throwing yours out, have the opportunity to sell your imperfect, damaged or unwanted items. Choose us as we're well-known for our in-depth knowledge, honest assessments and easy-going nature.

All about our gold jewelry

Here at Regal Gold Buyers, we always offer unbiased and honest appraisals for your unwanted gold jewelry. Allow our experienced gold experts to an offer a safe, private and secure environment for your transaction.


What keeps us honest is our faith, strong moral character and commitment to better serving you.

Scrap gold you can sell to us

• Broken or unwanted gold watches

• Damaged or unwanted gold necklaces, rings and bracelets

• Clasps and gold accessories

• Wiring or other industrial grade gold

• Dental gold

"Whenever I go to Regal Gold Buyers in Houston, I feel as if a weight has been lifted... I'll say it is nice to know there

are good honest gold dealers

still in existence..."

- George W.

Do you have scrap gold you need to get rid of?


In addition to offering high pay-outs for your scrap gold, we pride ourselves for our unbiased recommendations and ability to buy and sell any type of gold items.


Finally find out how much your gold is worth when you opt for a FREE inspection and on-site offer. With 2 locations to choose from, you're never too far away from Regal Gold Buyers.