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As the best method to protect your financial interests, gold coins and bullions are readily available in the depths of our 2 convenient locations. With history and heritage on their side, these works of art are a gift that just keeps on giving.

Why you should invest in our gold coins

Have access to a diverse collection of gold coins that are guaranteed to be a financial safeguard. Stop by today to experience our strong values that ensure the best price and honest service.


Protect your financial future by investing in or collecting our coins and bullions.


Gold coins we always have in stock

• American Gold Buffalo

• American Gold Eagle Coins

• Australian Gold Kangaroo

• Austrian Gold Philharmonic

• British Sovereign

• Canadian Gold Maple Leaf

• Chinese Gold Panda

"We wanted to take a moment to thank the folks at Regal Gold for helping us with our first gold purchase... Other gold and silver stores should take lessons from Regal..."

- Mark

Find the best price on a gold bullion when you choose to visit our family owned and operated shop. A simple bullion, coin or bar can secure the financial standing of you and your family.


Invest now so you can potentially see a high return of investment and guaranteed value. As a universal currency, you can't go wrong with gold.

Ensure the safety of your financials with our help.


• Eagle Indian Head

• Eagle Liberty Head

• French Gold franc

• Mexican Gold Peso

• Saint Gaudens

• South African Gold Krugerrand

• Swiss Gold Franc